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Pest Control Services in Darwen

Located at the heart of the community in the market town of Darwen in Lancashire, Super Pest Control have been dealing with pests like rats and mice for over a decade. We deal with all types of pest problems for both insects and rodents like wasps, bees, flies, fleas, bed-bugs, ants, moths, beetles, cockroach, rats, mice and other types of rodents like squirrels.

To give a brief history of pest problems in the UK: The second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century have witnessed important changes in ecology, climate and human behaviour that favour the development of urban pests. Most alarmingly, urban planners are faced now with the dramatic expansion of urban sprawl, where the suburbs of our cities and towns are growing into the natural habitats of ticks, rodents and other pests.

Also, many town planners now erroneously assume that pest-borne diseases are relics that belong to the past.
All these changes make timely a new analysis of the direct and indirect impacts of present-day urban pests on health. Such an analysis should lead to the development of strategies to manage them and reduce the risk of exposure.

UK-wide pest experts have contributed to the present reports by identifying the public health risks posed by various pests and appropriate measures to prevent and control them. These reports present its conclusions and formulates policy options for all levels of decision-making to manage pests and pest-related diseases in the future.

Rodent Pest Control

We control pests like rats or mice from your home or business.

Rodent issues take up about 90% of our work in winter but are still a problem pest in summer too for our residents in Darwen. Rats tend to show up more when it is colder because they will often move into your home to find warmth and food in the cooler months.

It’s not actually a rise in the rat population that you notice but an increase in activity and movement in your house or commercial building by this disease spreading rodents.

Mice are also an issue that can get out of hand and although they can look like a cute pest, they can literally breed like mice and you’ll soon find yourself being overrun by them!

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Darwen is a local market town with a small population compared to its neighbours. It has its rodent and insect problems like any other town and our rat, mice and wasp pest control engineers are kept busy by local homeowners and business people.


Free quotations for pest control services in Lancashire are always available and given over the phone for domestic customers and at an affordable price. Commercial enquiries are also always welcome for contract pest control services and for one-off pest control of insects and rodents.

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Fundamental objective

The layout, design and construction of food premises are critical to food safety. This includes protection against contamination and the management of pest populations. It must be a fundamental objective of any building design and construction project to prevent pests from entering buildings and to minimise the opportunities for those which do enter, from establishing and multiplying within.

Architects and building designers must consider pest minimisation and management when designing new projects, or redeveloping existing structures. Design and layout must be such as to minimise potential points for pest ingress and harbour-age and optimise access for cleaning, pest monitoring and control.

Special attention should be paid to the following;

• Drainage systems, which should be constructed using rodent-proof materials.

• The potential for pest movement into and through the building, via floors, walls and ceilings. This can be minimised through good design. Service routes (gas, electric, gas and water) must be effectively sealed where they pass through the building fabric.

• The use of false ceilings, wall voids and cavities etc should be avoided wherever possible. Where there are unavoidable, quick and easy access must be designed in to allow for pest monitoring.

• Waste handling plant and areas must be designed, located and constructed such that they do not attract pests, and do not allow them the opportunity to establish close to the building or to enter via points where such plant connects to the building.

• External structures should be designed and constructed to avoid attracting and offering harbour-age to, pests.

• Landscaping works must not encourage pest activity, offer harbour-age opportunities, or restrict pest control works.

The Principles of Integrated Pest Management Exclusion:

▪ Methods adopted in preventing pest entry into a building or site. These include landscaping, design, construction and maintenance that will discourage pests, making entrance difficult.

Restriction –

▪ If pests do get in, then high standards of proofing and hygiene, and restricting access to food, water and harbour-age, will make them easier to control and prevent them from dispersing into other areas. Restriction reduces the ability of a pest to harbour, to breed, and to spread.

Destruction –

▪ Pest control (destruction) methods are used to reduce or eradicate the infestation if pests have gained access, established and started to disperse.

Some definitions –

Common pests:

• Rodents; brown and black rats and house mice
• Insects; flies, cockroaches, ants, beetles and moths
• Birds; feral pigeons, sparrows, starlings and gulls

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Rat Control Services

Rat pests entering or infesting food establishments are a potential source of microbiological and physical hazards. Poorly executed pest control programmes and careless storage and use of pesticides may also result in chemical hazards. Procedures are needed to prevent or minimise the risk of such hazards causing illness or injury to consumers.

Food business operators have the responsibility to control pests. This may be carried out by company staff or by contractors. If carried out by staff, a pest control checklist will help to make sure that areas are not missed out from inspection, and provides a place to record whether infestations have been found and the action that is then taken.

Rodents, especially rats are an important and ubiquitous group of mammals that occur as indigenous or introduced species throughout the world. The populations of a relatively few species that live in close association with humans sometimes cause economic damage or become threats to the health of humans or domestic animals. When rodent control efforts are contemplated, the type of problem and the objectives of these efforts should be carefully defined. Successful management of rodent problems depends upon correct identification of the rodent species involved and on obtaining information on the biology, ecology, and behaviour of the species in the ecological setting where the problem occurs.

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When are rats and mice a problem?

Rats and mice can damage buildings, food, clothing, and documents by gnawing, urinating, defecating, and nesting. Because they gnaw on hard objects, such as plastic electrical boxes, they can cause fires. Rats bite more than 4,000 people a year, mostly young children. The urine, droppings, saliva, and dead skin cells of rats and mice may also trigger asthma attacks.

What do rats and mice do?

Rats often live in packs, so if you see one, there are likely to be more around. Rats and mice reproduce often. If not properly managed, a rodent infestation will rapidly increase. Mice are 10 to 20 times more common than rats in indoor environments. Rats and mice are most active at night. If you see them during the day, you probably have a serious infestation.


Rodents enter buildings through holes in walls, around pipe entries, through sewer outlets, and under doors. Mice can fit through a hole as small as ¼-inch. Rats fit through a hole as small as ½-inch.

} Use metal flashing, hardware cloth, copper wool, and escutcheons to seal floor drains, vents, holes, and gaps around pipes.
} Install a door sweep under each exterior door.
} Seal cracks in the foundation and openings to
keep rodents from entering the building.


In most areas, garbage is the main source of
food for rats.

} Discard food waste in indoor and outdoor eating areas in tightly covered, indoor garbage cans lined with plastic bags.
} Clean indoor garbage cans frequently to prevent the build-up of food waste.
} Keep outdoor garbage bins on hard concrete surfaces away from the building.


Look for:
} rodent droppings,
} burrows in the ground,
} nests in ivy or around cluttered areas,
} fruit or nuts that have been gnawed or
damaged food in the pantry.


Norway rats are the best burrowers and stay in the basement or ground floor. Roof rats are clever climbers and like enclosed elevated spaces in attics, walls, and false ceilings. House mice can run up any rough, vertical surface and nest in enclosed places such as drawers and boxes.

Mouse Pest Control Services

mouse pest control

Mice can be a real problem in your house and spread rapidly. It is not uncommon to spot just one mouse for a week, then 10 appear!

That’s why it’s important to call out a mouse exterminator or mouse control professional like us out as soon as possible. We can sometimes catch mice in a humane fashion and relocate them too!

After we have removed mice from your property, it is important to follow these steps:


} Don’t sweep or vacuum rodent droppings, urine, or nesting materials; they can carry diseases. Sweeping or vacuuming will stir up dust and increase your chance of inhaling viruses.
} Wear gloves and disinfect the urine and droppings. (If using bleach, spray with a mixture of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. Let soak 5 minutes.) See Green Cleaning, Sanitising, and Disinfecting handout for safer alternatives to bleach.

} Use a paper towel to pick up the urine and droppings and dispose of them in the waste trash.
} Mop floors with a disinfectant.
} Remove and dispose of gloves and wash hands.

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Your Local Insect Pest Control Service

Fly, Wasps, Bees & Flees

Insects can be a nuisance pest in your home in Darwen. They can leave nasty bites and keep you up at night. The thought of bed-bugs, fleas or ticks crawling across your body while you sleep can be enough to give anyone nightmares!


Ants can spread like wildfire in your garden or back yard. They can intrude on your home and infest cracks along your pavement, as well as entering your kitchen and contaminating your food supply!


All types of moth pests can be treated, as well as carpet moths and beetles that can destroy your carpets and clothes.


Wasp and bee pest control is our most popular service in the summer months in Darwen from May right up to October depending on the weather that year. We can come out to eradicate wasps and relocate bees, including their nest.


Fleas are a very difficult pest to remove from your home so it is vital that if you suspect that you have fleas in your property, that you call our an expert immediately before you have a full infestation because they can take weeks to remove, even by an expert once they take hold!

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Interactions between pests and humans, plants, or animals can cause a variety of problems including competition for food and water; injury to plants, property, or animals; spread of diseases; or nuisance or annoyance.

Insects and their relatives (arthropods) – roaches, termites, mosquitoes, aphids, beetles, fleas, and caterpillars, and mites, ticks, and spiders, etc.

Microbial organisms – bacteria, fungi, nematodes, viruses, etc.
Weeds – any plants growing where they are not wanted.
Mollusks – snails and slugs.
Vertebrates – rats, mice, other rodents, birds, fish, and snakes.

Kinds of Pests
Key pests are nearly always present and require regular control.

Occasional pests reaching damaging levels only in some years or under special conditions.

Pest Identification
Accurate identification is the first step in an effective pest management program. It is the key to all kinds of information about the pest, including its life cycle, behaviour, and effective management recommendations. Incorrect pest identification is a leading cause of pest control failures and improper use of pesticides.

Your county Cooperative Extension Service office can help with pest identification and control recommendations. Diagnostic labs in plant disease, insect, and weed identification are available along with help in determining how to take useful samples. Most of these services are free.

pigeon pest control

Pigeons & Gulls Removed

Bird Spike & Netting Service

Pigeons and Seagull pest control services in Darwen:

Birds can help you or your farm neighbour keep pest insects, rodents and pest birds at bay. Beneficial birds assist with production in the same way as beneficial insects. When you provide habitat for beneficial birds and bring them closer to your crops, you are increasing your pest control services needs and in urban environments we have seen the increase in pigeon and gull activity, causing damage to property and disease spread by droppings.

Pest birds seem to get most of the attention these days, but that wasn’t always the case. Researchers in this country and around the world are partnering with farmers to use new science and build on more than 130 years of past studies. These partnerships help us understand the roles birds can play in pest control and the relatively few but significant bird species that are pests themselves.

Today farmers who are masters at IPM—Integrated Pest Management—are using ecological pest-control strategies that include birds. We think of certain birds as beneficial or as pests, but some species switch roles, depending on the season, their life cycles and the food sources available. Farmers can support these ‘turn-coats’ in the beneficial phases, and deter or co-exist with them at other times. Savvy growers manipulate habitat and alter cultural practices and timing to take advantage of the benefits some birds provide and discourage damage from pest birds.

Bird Control Service

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